(Online) Training

Intensive and targeted – live!

What options do you use to prepare specifically for all upcoming negotiations – for example in purchasing or sales? How can you prepare intensively for complex tasks such as annual meetings and framework negotiations within the company? Where can you strategically reposition your departments together?

Do you see a need for optimisation in one area or another? Take advantage of our intensive, uncompromising and targeted training!

You will learn all about the EVEREST-Methode®, basic negotiation preparation, relevant psychological background information and how to become a negotiation professional.


During pit stop training, we work with you to carry out maintenance on your personal situation. Just like a vehicle that needs to be refuelled in between or requires a visit to the garage to change tyres or adjust the engine, it will then be back on the road in top shape. But maybe your soul also needs a small repair or two and you don’t know how to deal with it. The pit stop provides you with tools and techniques to help you get mentally fit again.

In further training units, special topics are on the programme to focus on certain aspects, to deepen and supplement training content and to put it into practice.

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