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Yes, there may be born negotiators. They were born with the necessary persuasive power, appearance and empathy. Negotiating is in your blood. For the rest of us, there’s no need to be impressed by it. The art of successful negotiation can be learned solidly like a craft.


We promise you: In the VerhandlungsWerkstatt® you will learn how to negotiate successfully. We fill your toolbox with the tools you need to achieve only optimal negotiation results in the future. So let’s roll up our sleeves!

This is where practical work is done: Negotiating face-to-face, on the telephone, in video conferences and via e-mail. Together we will work out how you can present yourself convincingly and negotiate with customers, suppliers or employees.

In the VerhandlungsWerkstatt® you will receive your own personal toolbox for successful negotiations. Individually compiled for your situation, personality and goals. We pick you up exactly where you are at the moment. And take the decisive step forward with you.