#3 – “Einkauf meets Verkauf”

You can now online flip through the third issue of our magazine (in german).

From the contents:

  • Price Management
  • Customer benefits
  • Value Selling
  • Price differentiation
  • USP
  • Seller Tricks
  • Buyer Tricks

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Intercultural Negotiation in the VerhandlungsWerkstatt®

Already in December last year, the main topic of our magazine was “Interkulturelles Verhandeln”. You can find there, in Edition #2, first of all, information on the importance and necessity of international negotiations, which have increased enormously due to globalisation in areas such as the economy, politics, culture, the environment and communications. In addition, the contributions show what to expect when negotiating in foreign countries, how important tolerance and patience can be and what meaning lies behind “dépaysement”.

We have now added the topic here on the website:

Intercultural Negotiation

Please contact us for further information and details.