Three areas of expertise – The three circles

Expand your repertoire!

In negotiations, there is not one path that leads safely to the goal, but various alternative routes: Negotiators argue in order to convince the other party on a factual level. They try to win people over on the relationship level (and thus also for their cause), and they rely on a personal appearance that leaves a lasting impression on the negotiating partner. Different skills are required on all of these routes. We were born with some of the required skills, but we can work on all the others.

Three areas of expertise for a holistic approach!

The three circles are the basis of our training and counselling approach. We use them to bring order to the complex world of negotiation.

In our training courses, workshops and coaching sessions, we combine content and methods to suit your needs. The VerhandlungsWerkstatt® provides you with your own personal toolbox for successful negotiation, customised to your situation, personality and goals. We pick you up exactly where you are and take you that decisive step further!