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ChatGPT as the ultimate assistance system in negotiations – Part 2/2

… continued …

Development of negotiation scenarios: Planning with foresight

A deep understanding of the negotiation dynamics and the interests of the other side requires the development of possible negotiation scenarios. ChatGPT can serve as a tool for playing through different scenarios and suggesting suitable tactics:

“As a buyer, how can I counterattack a monopolist if it threatens me, for example by cancelling deliveries? How do I proceed? Please give me specific tips and illustrate them with examples.”

“Draft possible negotiation scenarios for a meeting with a long-standing supplier who has recently increased prices. I would like to negotiate an extension of our contract without accepting the new prices. Consider our previous relationship and possible alternatives.”

“Create a scenario for a negotiation in which the other party unexpectedly demands a significantly lower price. How should we react to protect our margins without losing the deal?”

ChatGPT could then provide suggestions and examples of what can happen. Maybe you won’t be so easily rattled because you won’t be surprised anymore.

Analysing negotiation situations: Gaining insights

In complex negotiation situations, it is crucial to analyse the situation quickly and accurately. ChatGPT can help to understand the motivations and possible next steps of the other party.

“Analyse the possible reasons why our main customer is reluctant to renew the contract. Consider economic, operational and interpersonal factors that could influence their decision.”

“Based on the transcripts of our last three negotiation sessions, identify patterns in our reasoning and approach that could be improved. Suggestions for improving our negotiation tactics are also welcome.”

ChatGPT as a negotiation trainer and coach

In addition, ChatGPT can also act as your personal negotiation training and coaching system. You can sharpen your skills by regularly practising different negotiation scenarios. A possible prompt for this would be: “Simulate a negotiation situation in which I have to negotiate a 20% discount.” ChatGPT can then take on both the counterpart and the advisory role, give you feedback and make suggestions for improvement.


To put it bluntly, ChatGPT may be the best negotiating partner you’ve ever had – and the system doesn’t even charge a commission! Whether in preparation, strategic planning or as a coach – the possibilities for using ChatGPT in negotiations are as varied as the negotiation scenarios themselves. Use this technological innovation to take your negotiation skills to the next level and achieve more convincing, more effective results.