Keep at it – for training that works

Do you recognise this? After an exciting training event, you come back full of enthusiasm and eager to put your new knowledge into practice. And then … nothing. Day-to-day business – the normal madness – has got you back, and despite your good intentions, you don’t manage to try out what you’ve learnt in practice.

GBelieve us: that’s how many people feel! That’s why we have given a lot of thought to how we can work together to ensure the lasting success of your negotiation training.

Brief presentation of the follow-up on negotiation techniques

For us, sustainability means that something changes for the better in the long term. This includes the establishment of improved processes and tools, but also the right self-image, the mindset.

Our follow-up programme includes the consolidation and supplementation of training content, as well as concrete measures for implementation and reflection on knowledge and behaviour. For 10 weeks, we provide you with learning nuggets lasting approximately one hour each, which offer you suggestions for self-reflection and exchange with colleagues and support you in optimising the use of your skills in day-to-day business.

Click here for our Follow-up online course to Part 1 – Negotiation technique (in German) in the OnlineWerkstatt.