Our Online Offer

Since we added an online-based version to our training offer more than a year ago to reduce environmental, climate and travel costs, we can currently react to the current circumstances around Corona and guarantee continuity for negotiation, communication and personality training despite this crisis situation.

In addition to the online teaching of the basics of negotiation techniques, we also train negotiations online via video meeting in our VerhandlungsWerkstatt®. Especially now upcoming renegotiations, which become necessary due to the current circumstances (cancellations, delivery delays, availabilities etc.), cannot and should not take place face-to-face, but are mostly conducted via video conference formats.

All necessary software and hardware has been tested and installed, the seminar concepts have been transferred to online training and most of them have already been tested. This training concept can definitely keep up with classroom training and replace it in many areas. Online-based training will take on new significance in the immediate future and beyond. We are observing the emergence of a new standard in training, seminars and coaching.

The most important aspects and advantages for you:

  • Training of future negotiation formats via video
  • Individual coaching and negotiation consulting via video
  • Participation from the home office or office
  • Training via PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Browser-based technology: no installation of software or hardware necessary
  • Only requirement: Internet access preferably via IE, Firefox, Chrome (Safari only conditionally)
  • Alternative formats to the classic 2-day training, e.g. smaller chunks, longer breaks and practice phases
  • Short term scheduling, no room and travel planning, no catering
  • No travel and hotel expenses
  • Sustainability with regard to climate and environmental aspects

Contents / procedure:

  • Presentation with slides, documents and flipchart in the webinar room, comparable to classroom training
  • Working groups of the participants in virtual workspaces with documents, pin boards etc., download of working group results instead of photo protocol
  • Live negotiation exercises via video
  • Communication via picture and sound with trainer and plenum, public and private chat
  • Participants can upload and collaborate on documents
  • Seminar recording for rework (e.g. mp4 format)
  • Parallel sources like Youtube, Google etc. via screen sharing
  • Exercises and tests for learning progress control
  • Combination with classic web-based training easily possible

If you would like to take advantage of the mandatory break and plan a workout , don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Printed and digital: Literature on the EVEREST-Methode®

„Die EVEREST-Methode – Professionelles Verhandeln für Ein- und Verkäufer“ by Jörg Pfützenreuter and Thomas D. Veitengruber.

Why don’t you take a look at the book and thus at the systematics behind a negotiation, which is the same for everyone, the EVEREST-Methode®.

What is the essence of the EVEREST-Methode®?
If you want to negotiate successfully, you have to approach the matter systematically. In the many seminars we have held on successful negotiation, in contact with buyers, salespeople, personnel and project managers who have given us insight into their daily negotiation work, we find this core statement confirmed time and again.

The book contains numerous application examples, charts, tips and tricks for this statement.

You want to know more? Do you have any questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with detailed information about our training offer and blended learning formats that are suitable for you.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year

This time we will send you these wishes at the end of the year not by mail, but digitally, with a link to the digital science game “Profit with CO2. This game was developed by scientists at Jülich in cooperation with companies, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

After the download of “Gewinn mit CO2” you need JAVA 8 64 bit to install the game. Then you can start and produce climate-neutral products from CO2, for example mattresses, toys or fuel. In this way, you work in the game to restore balance and improve the climate balance of our planet.

You will also receive information about the CO2 balance of the earth and information about the latest research results. Information that is also becoming increasingly important in negotiations, because the CO2 price, like other environmental costs, is playing an increasingly important role in purchasing and sales.

We wish you a merry, relaxing Christmas holiday and a wonderful start to the New Year.

With kind regards
Jörg Pfützenreuter and Thomas Veitengruber
and the whole team of VerhandlungsWerkstatt®

Basic training on negotiation techniques

Online-Kurs in the OnlineWerkstatt

Multimedia and interactive, this online course provides you with some basic knowledge from our seminars and workshops on negotiation techniques:
Information in text form, graphics and video, checklists as a reminder and blank forms for your individual preparation as well as practical tips, test questions and further content in the form of excursions.

We look forward to your feedback.

Explanatory video on the EVEREST-Methode®

“A successful negotiation depends 90 percent on preparation. Anyone who does without, […] has no chance against a professional.”

It is a complex matter, a successful negotiation. Many factors play a role in its success: goals, information, strategy, tactics, market position, power, tricks, rhetoric, …

With the EVEREST-Methode® we have developed a method for preparing your negotiations.

Briefly explained …

Organizational and technical information about the OnlineWerkstatt

For a registration to our previous courses

a booking with your e-mail address is required. You will then receive an e-mail with a “continue” button and you can choose a password. If you do not receive this e-mail directly, please check your SPAM folder. Please note that cookies must be activated in your browser for registration, at least for this web address.

Remember your data and bookmark the link. Then it is easier for you to continue the course at any time.

If you have further questions, please send an e-mail to info[at]verhandlungswerkstatt.de and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Online course insights

In our first online course we have prepared some basic knowledge for you in a multimedia and interactive way. You can expect information in text form, graphics and video, checklists as a reminder and blank forms for your individual preparation as well as practical tips, quizzes and further content in the form of excursions.

The first unit of the online course “Negotiation Techniques – Basic Training” is ready for you free of charge.

We look forward to your feedback.