Printed and digital: Literature on the EVEREST-Methode®

„Die EVEREST-Methode – Professionelles Verhandeln für Ein- und Verkäufer“ by Jörg Pfützenreuter and Thomas D. Veitengruber.

Why don’t you take a look at the book and thus at the systematics behind a negotiation, which is the same for everyone, the EVEREST-Methode®.

What is the essence of the EVEREST-Methode®?
If you want to negotiate successfully, you have to approach the matter systematically. In the many seminars we have held on successful negotiation, in contact with buyers, salespeople, personnel and project managers who have given us insight into their daily negotiation work, we find this core statement confirmed time and again.

The book contains numerous application examples, charts, tips and tricks for this statement.

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